Tiffany Malthouse is a young Western Aranda woman, living in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) with family in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) whom she is passionate about. She says, “I really love performing. When I perform, I imagine no one is there and I pretend I’m famous.”

In 2011 Tiffany was involved in the Incite Arts production “Close to Me” at Araluen Arts Centre. She is an active member of the stArts with D ensemble, having participated in all major stArts with D projects since its formation in 2013. Tiffany has also presented work in all three past Unbroken Land productions and is presenting works in the 2020 program in a series of short films.

Tiffany is also part of Incite Arts’ Connect2Culture and Move Masters projects. The Connect2Culture project was created in response to Tiffany and fellow artist, Elizabeth Trew, wishing to creatively explore their connections to cultural heritage, language, stories, song and dance. The Move Masters initiative provides tailored opportunities for the ensemble of stArts with D artists, otherwise not available. In this program Tiffany is being mentored as a workshop leader and assistant director, as well as a performer, with artist and mentor, Lauren Jones.

Notably, Tiffany was the NT representative selected to attend the 2014 Arts Access Australia and Weave Movement Theatre intensive workshops with internationally renowned artist Caroline Bowditch.

When asked what her favourite things about performing are, Tiff said “When you meet someone new in the audience or when you’re doing a performance, they are there for you…It’s nerve racking but when you look at someone and they’re looking at you, they will just be so happy to see you. That’s the most real thing I’ve learned from people.”