Strong Feelings

Incite Arts and the stArts with D Performance Ensemble present Strong Feelings, a multi-disciplinary, disability-led exhibition to be held at Red Hot Arts in March 2023.
 An animation background with red ochre-coloured ranges and a blue-sky background with a large orange, yellow and gold sun rising over from behind the ranges. Two men, Miller and Mickey, are illustrated onto the landscape. Miller is sitting in a wheelchair facing forward. He is signing "Strong" in Auslan. Mickey is signing "Feelings" in Auslan. Miller is wearing an off-white t-shirt, grey shorts and joggers. Mickey is wearing a bright red button-up shirt, black pants, black lace-up shoes, a black belt and a gold chain.


Incite Arts and the stArts with D Performance Ensemble presented Strong Feelings, a multi-arts, disability-led exhibition held at Red Hot Arts in March, 2023.

Telling the varied and thought-provoking stories of a group of artists with disability living in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, Strong Feelings shares their unique life journeys through a mixture of portraiture and storytelling; using costume, digital art, song, soundscapes, video and photography. Offering powerful immersive and sensory experiences, the diverse communities of Mparntwe/Alice Springs came together in celebration of the lives of people with disability as an equal and valued part of our cultural identity; building community pride about place and belonging.



“We are stArts with D, we are a deadly mob! We have strong feelings, we have stories to tell about our journeys, our families and friends, our Dreamtime and culture, our language and past. You must listen. Listen with your body, feel with your heart…”