Episode 20 – Tari Puspanjali

Tari Puspanjali is a traditional Balinese dance which was created by the great Balinese artist, Swasthi Widjaja Bandem. Tari Puspanjali is a welcome dance and the name reflects the concept of honouring guests with the reverence dedicated to flowers; “Puspa” means “flower” and Anjali means “in honour”. This illustrates the amount of respect the host has for their guests, given the significant value of flowers to the Balinese.

In ancient Balinese history, flowers and water are sacred. Flowers represent beauty and spirituality, and water represents life. Flowers and water are featured in abundance in the ornate, intricate and sometimes fragile architectural structures on the island of Bali. Intricacy is also found in the Tari Puspanjali dance displayed by astonishing facial and hand movements and costume.