About Us

Incite Arts enriches the lives of all Central Australians through community-engaged arts practice that is accessible, inclusive and responsive. Incite Arts delivers high-quality, accessible arts programs in collaboration with the communities of Central Australia, focusing on both those who are under-served and those who face barriers to arts engagement.
Image of a group of people walking down a path, surrounded by trees. Each person carries lanterns in their hands. The sun shines brightly behind them.
Three dancers all in white dresses standing in a line. They are caught in motion, one dancer is blurry, their arms and body caught in movement and their face can’t be seen, the other dancers are bend slightly at the waste and their faces look down and to their left, their arms are outstretched from the shoulders.

Incite has a strong track record using innovative frameworks to achieve unique and impactful arts engagement outcomes.

As a small company interested in big ideas, Incite works in partnership with the region’s diverse communities to develop and celebrate community arts and culture and build local capacity through engagement with the arts.

Through engaging communities in performing arts activities, we create extraordinary opportunities that transform the lives of those involved through collaborative, innovative and creative experiences.

Image of two people, Jenine and Virginia, smiling and looking towards each other, they are wearing brightly coloured clothes. The background is dark, the people stand at a podium with microphones in the foreground.

Our People

Welcome to the Incite Arts Family! Incite successfully exists because of the passion, dedication, support, direction, skills and forward thinking of many individuals and groups.

None of our projects would take place without a dedicated volunteer Board, committed staff and mentoring artists, collaborators, project partners, funders and supporters.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in creating a new project or becoming involved in existing works. Please contact us!