Youth Arts Programs

Incite offers expansive youth arts programs and has strong community relationships within the youth sector. Whether it be digital media or dance, Incite strives to engage, include and be led by the contemporary space of youth arts.

For over two decades, Incite Arts has fostered the development of grassroots programs through partnerships with remote and urban schools, youth sector organisations and individual artists to provide young people with inclusive artistic opportunities to engage in dance, music, theatre, mosaic, aerosol and mural art activities.

Leah and Eli stand smilling at the camera, arm in arm. They wear light ochre, orange coloured t-shirts with gum trees in the background. Eli has short blonde/brown hair and leah has brown hair pulled into a high bun and is wearing a black headband.
Case Study

Eli Clarke

Eli Clarke began dancing with the Studio B School of Dance in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). In 2019 he was awarded the National Student Star Award in Dance Train Magazine and has received a multitude of scholarships and is currently starring in ‘Westside Story’ on the Sydney Harbour. In 2021 (at 15), Eli, alongside fellow dancer Leah Cato, choreographed, directed and starred in the Unbroken Land short film ‘Desert Rain’. ‘Desert Rain’ is a piece inspired by their memories and expresses the happiness and enjoyment they felt as children when, on rare occasions, the rain came to Central Australia.

Photo of Miriam smiling, dark hair pulled back, wearing a blue and white shirt.
Case Study

Miriam Nicholls

Along with her own extensive dance background and body of work, Miriam has worked with Incite Arts for over a decade in youth dance programs. With Incite, she founded SPRUNG Youth Dance, choreographed the full-length works Graffiti – Make Your Mark at the Alice Springs Skatepark (2012), Living on the Line at the Central Australian Aviation Museum (2013) and toured with the group to the Australian Youth Dance Festival (2012). Miriam was Associate Director on Incite Arts’ Close to Me (2011), featuring a cast of over 60 children and adults with disability, and she has mentored and performed often with the stArts with D Performance Ensemble. Presently, Miriam is working in a mentoring artist capacity at Incite Arts.

Person profile: Miriam Nicholls