Image of two people looking to their left, they are painted up in ochre paints and white feather headdress, in the background you can see low bush and scrubland.

First Nations Arts Programs

Incite has delivered arts programs in collaboration First Nations communities and artists since its inception in 1998. Notably, providing school music, theatre, dance and visual arts programs in both urban and remote schools in Central Australia. Incite delivered the Red Sand Culture Music & Dance Program into Walpiri communities over a 9 year period. Further, Incite works in partnership with Senior Warlpiri women to deliver the Southern Ngaliya Dance Camps on Country.

The delivery of twice-yearly dance camps involves travelling to significant cultural sites and orientating the young women and girls within the knowledge and responsibilities inherent to the ceremonies of that country. Southern Ngaliya encourages and supports Warlpiri women to undertake leadership roles, engage in a comprehensive and ongoing consultation process and work to meet needs directly expressed by Warlpiri women. Together these generations of women explore the traditional culture and the value of ensuring its survival.

Photo of Enid holding a lantern with a Billy Kinda Central Australian scene painting on the lantern. Enid is wearing a black shirt and blue headscarf and silver necklace
Case Study

Enid Nangala Gallagher

Enid Nangala Gallagher was born in Yuendumu, Enid plays a key leadership role in many organisations and programs to benefit her Warlpiri community. Enid leads the Southern Ngaliya dance camp program, along with three other Senior Warlpiri Women, as the Cultural Custodians, in collaboration with Incite Arts.

Person profile: Enid Nangala Gallagher