The stArts with D crew standing and crouching in the Studio after a workshop session with Lauren and Miriam

Arts and Disability Programs

Incite Arts facilitates inclusive and accessible, individual and group, disability-led arts programs in Central Australia. Whether recreational, capacity-building or therapeutic, we can tailor our programs to meet the needs of participants. These programs are fee-for-service and may be covered under the NDIS.

Case Study

Grahame Wilfred Jnr

Grahame arrived at Incite in 2022 with a life story like no other, ready to immerse himself in creativity and tell his story through writing, theatre, film and song. In 2023 Grahame began to realise his dream through a tailor-made Incite mentorship and participating in the Theatre Makers program. Grahame presented a short piece after a series of workshops with both Incite Arts mentoring artist, Lesley Simpson, and the Theatre Makers. This resulted in a short piece of theatre, presented to an audience in Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

Grahame has also engaged with Dan the Underdog (aka Dan McAleer) to create songs telling his story, and been involved with Dan in DJaying a set for the 2024 Mparntwe Street Art Festival.