Enid Nangala Gallagher

Enid Nangala Gallagher was born in Yuendumu, NT, and attended schooling there and in Darwin and Alice Springs. Enid has trained for teaching primary grades, worked with Mt Theo as a cultural mentor, is a Mt Theo board member, holds a Waltja certificate in leadership and a Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Graduate Interpreters Qualification.  

Enid has worked for NT Department of Children and Families, Remote Aboriginal Families and Children, as part of a team to support families and clients in Yuendumu, Nyirrpi, Willowra and Yuelumu. Enid joined the Mt Theo WYDAC (Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation) Committee in 2004 serving for periods as Chairperson and has attended several conferences on behalf of the program. Enid and her husband travelled to attend the Healing Our Spirits Worldwide conference in 2006 in Canada as a representative of the program.  

Enid has been the Cultural Custodian of the Southern Ngaliya Women’s Dance Project since its inception in 2010. In this role Enid is responsible to the Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu, Willowra and Nyirripi and directly liaises with Incite Arts and senior Warlpiri women to support this cultural transmission program. Enid also acts as translator, provides transcriptions of project materials and reports to Incite  and Traditional Owners and Cultural Custodians/Elders. Enid is a mother of four and grandmother of six. Enid says: ‘It’s a good thing that these camps and workshops keep going so the girls can keep learning. It helps them maintain their culture. The dance camps are good for the young people so they can learn both ways and keep on carrying it, so they can be strong leaders for their communities.’