Red Sand Culture

A youth focused music and dance mentoring program, delivering workshops in the remote Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu, Lajamanu, Nyirrpi and Willowra.

Incite partnered with the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC – Mt Theo Program) to deliver a program of music and dance for young people in the very remote Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu, Willowra, Nyirrpi and Lajamanu.

Red Sand Culture (RSC) began in 2007 and continued through to 2016. Artists who specialised in Hip Hop music and contemporary dance conducted workshops in these remote Warlpiri communities. Strong trust relationships were developed between the artists and workshop participants, fostering quality program engagement and the consistent creation of new songs and dances reflecting the lives, experiences, feelings and thoughts of these young people as they negotiate their way between two worlds.

RSC has produced and released two compilation CD’s, Red Sand Culture Volume I & II which are a culmination of five year’s worth of songs; all conceived, developed and recorded as part of the project.