Bindi Enterprises

Incite Arts and Arts Access Darwin have commissioned a number of Bindi artworks as prizes for the Northern Territory Arts Access Awards. Artworks have also been commissioned for lanterns that paraded through the Alice Springs Desert Park as part of Unbroken Land 2018 and then again in 2020 and 2021. 

Bindi also offers beginner-level Digital Arts workshops. These short, part-time courses help people with disability learn basic skills to create digital artworks on an iPhone, iPad or other devices. This program sees Incite collaborating with Bindi with the intersection of digital art and the creation of performance works by artists for Incite’s Strong Feelings project.  

Established in 1978, Bindi has evolved and proven itself as an innovative social enterprise providing supported employment and training opportunities for people with disability. In 2000, the Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio was founded when the remarkable artistic talents of the late Billy Benn Perrurle emerged. The collective has now grown into an essential and distinctive Aboriginal Art Centre with several artists creating work that is exhibited nationwide.