Daisy Weller

Daisy Weller grew up immersed in community theatre, dance and creative writing in Northern New South Wales. She went on to complete both her Bachelor’s and Postgraduate in Law. While she was at University Daisy worked part-time in both dental and legal practices. Then, after graduating, she worked as a law clerk before moving to Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in 2013 to be with some of her family after a significant illness.  

Daisy was swiftly swept into the community arts scene and has performed in the infamous Cat’s Meow Cabaret and Desert Festivals. After some time of recuperation, Daisy had two beautiful daughters. During this time, she worked part-time back in dental practices in both chairside assistance and practice management capacities. 

Daisy returned to the arts in a media and communications capacity in 2019. Initially, with Red Hot Arts and currently with Incite Arts. Red Hot Arts successfully delivered two Desert Festivals and one Street Art Festival during her time with them. This time also saw the Revitalise Alice initiative come to fruition with stunning, large-scale feature art installed around the CBD in the form of murals, roller shutters and window wraps.  

During Daisy’s time at Incite Arts, Daisy successfully delivered 21 short films for the Unbroken Land 2020 & 2021 programs onto online platforms with accessibility being key. This meant that all films were closed captioned or audio described along with the accessibility of them being online. These films were created, in conjunction with Incite Arts, with First Nations artists, artists with disability and many multicultural groups from Central Australia.  

Further at Incite Arts, Daisy worked with Incite’s CEO, Jenine Mackay, and a graphic designer to design a new website with updated information and accessibility as paramount. This website has become a benchmark for other arts organisations. It was showcased within a panel about creating accessible events, programs and communications in the 2022 Desert Festival. 

Daisy also worked in a media and communications capacity for Incite’s 2023 Strong Feelings exhibition presentation. This multi-arts exhibition featured works by the stArts with D Ensemble. These are artists with disability who love to create and present multi-arts mediums. The Strong Feelings exhibition featured 6 short films, visual art pieces, portrait photography, animations, a dress and music compositions. 

Daisy was also part of the team at Children’s Ground in 2023 for the Music Program and Ampe-mape Alyelheme! (Kid’s Sing!) album release. This album was ultimately signed to ABC Music and is incredibly popular and an imperative language resource. 

She further assisted in the curation and facilitation of the ‘Ankerte’ multi-media exhibition by Children’s Ground artists at Watch This Space. This included the sale of artworks and administration behind that.   

Daisy also freelances at times for the Desert Song Festival and Blacken Open Air in promotions, media, communications and as artist liaison. Daisy is furthering her skills by embarking on mediation accreditation and Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution in 2024.