Lizzie Trew

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Trew is a young Pitjantjatjara, Arrernte woman, living in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) with family from lots of communities. Lizzie was inspired to join the stArts with D ensemble by watching her brother Isaac Trew perform. She says she saw Unbroken Land in 2015 and thought “I want to do that!” and returned to perform in all the Unbroken Land productions.

Recently, Lizzie created a ‘Song Dress’ and made a song and film clip about it for ‘Strong Feelings’ with Incite. ‘Song Dress’ and another short film featuring Lizzie and the stArts with D Ensemble were also exhibited by the National Portrait Gallery as part of ‘Portrait: 23 Identity’. ‘Strong Feelings’ was also the winner of the Project category for the Northern Territory Arts Access Awards for 2023.

Lizzie has also taken part in Incite Arts’ Connect2Culture and Move Masters projects. Connect2Culture was created in response to Lizzie and fellow artist, Tiffany Malthouse, wishing to creatively explore their connections to cultural heritage, language, stories, song and dance. Move Masters provides tailored professional development and mentoring opportunities for Lizzie and fellow members of the stArts with D Ensemble, otherwise not available. These artists are committed to working together and creating new artistic works.