Fabian Miller

First Nations artist Fabian Miller “Miller” first engaged with Incite Arts programs as a student at Acacia Hill School. In 2016 Miller participated in an Incite Arts dance workshop program and engaged with the 2018/19 Sounds Good to Me program. Now a stArts with D Ensemble member, he has a strong friendship network with fellow artists, who share his enthusiasm and facilitate his involvement. Miller loved his involvement in the Move Masters program, creating video performances showcased in the 2020/2021 Unbroken Land short film program, which also formed part of the 2021 Unbroken Land Film Screening event. 

Miller has been enjoying developing his digital artwork skills over the past few years and was the winner of the Bindi Digital Art Prize in 2023. He also featured in two films as part of the ‘Strong Feelings’ exhibition held earlier in 2023. These films were also exhibited as part of the National Portrait Gallery’s ‘Portrait: 23 Identity’. ‘Strong Feelings’ was the winner of the Project category for the Northern Territory Arts Access Awards for 2023.