Janice Carroll

Joy “Janice” Carroll enjoys her engagement in dance and music which gives her a voice, drawing on strengths and insights that reshape her confidence. As Janice works towards something that feels cohesive and complete, she presents both a reflective and informative performance. Janice, a First Nations artist, performed in the award-winning 2011 performance Close to Me and as a founding member of the stArts with D  Ensemble in Somebody Everybody in 2013.

In 2015 she collaborated with Katie Keys to create memes/poems in the Selfies project and also created and performed compelling original solo works as part of Unbroken Land 2015. Janice re-joined the stArts with D Ensemble in 2019 as part of the Move Masters program, bringing her joy of creating and performing to the stArts with D Ensemble short film works for Unbroken Land 2020/2021, which also formed part of the 2021 Unbroken Land Film Screening event. 

Janice recently created a song about her Homeland Finke and is currently in the creative development process with other stArts with D members for an exciting new project to be released in 2023!