Michael Wallace

Michael “Mickey” Wallace is a young First Nations man who began his involvement in Incite Arts programs as a child at Acacia Hill School in 2004. His first major production was the award-winning Close to Me in 2011, and is a founding member of the stArts with D Ensemble, presenting the inaugural work Somebody Everybody in 2013.  

In 2015, Mickey created a feature performance as part of Unbroken Land 2015 along with fellow Ensemble members, Isaac Trew and Brandon Williams. Also in 2015, Mickey collaborated in the Selfies project to write memes and poems. 2017 saw Mickey involved in the Poco Tutti program, and again as a key performer in Unbroken Land 2018.  

Mickey has also participated in Incite’s 2018-19 Sounds Good to Me program taking great delight in the musical explorations. 2019/2020 saw him make strong and valuable contributions in creating Move Masters new performance works for Unbroken Land 2020/2021, which also formed part of the 2021 Unbroken Land Film Screening event. 

Mickey was recently part of ‘Strong Feelings, the multi-arts exhibition held in early 2023 with Incite Arts. Along with visual and digital artworks and portrait photography, two short films that Mickey featured in were also exhibited by the National Portrait Gallery as part of ‘Portrait: 23 Identity’. ‘Strong Feelings’ was the winner of the Project category for the Northern Territory Arts Access Awards for 2023.