Philomena Hali

Philomena Hali has developed her work practice in the Alice community for 30 years. Now based in WA, Philomena continues to collaborate with the stArts with D artists in the creation of costumes for the Strong Feelings program.

She works primarily in textiles and fibre, teaching a diverse range of techniques, and exhibits locally, interstate and Internationally, winning many awards in Fashion and Textile competitions Nationally. She held many roles as both artist, mentor and project officer with Arts Access Central Australia’s visual arts programs from 2008 to 2013.

Along with being an Incite Board Member, Philomena has worked in many capacities on Incite projects. She was Project Officer for Incite’s 2011 Close to Me project and accessible performing arts activities in 2013 and a key contributor to the stArts with D Performance Ensemble and their presentation of the inaugural work Somebody/Everybody. In 2014 she worked with the Ensemble as they developed a new short work, Meet you at The Edge. 2016 Philomena again worked with stArts with D for the Unbroken Land performance at the Alice Springs Desert Park and is part of the creative development process continuing today.

The skills Philomena offers to the Board include:

  • Community knowledge
  • Broad association and knowledge of Arts organisations in Alice Springs – as a tutor, mentor, artist, costumes, prop assistant/maker, project officer and project manager
  • Involvement with Incite since it first began and has worked on projects and events instigated by this organisation, working with Guest artists, in various capacities
  • Ability to communicate and acknowledge traditions of all sectors of the community – multicultural groups, indigenous groups, youth and seniors
  • Representing Visual Artists and arts practice