Pirate has training in multimedia and sound design. His skills include: as a film producer, director, camera operator and editor, working with local First Nations organisations ICTV and CAAMA; delivering multimedia training across town camps in the Alice region; establishing the Black Wreath record label; founding and directing Blacken Open Air heavy metal festival; and developing and delivering highly specialised, award-nominated iTalk training programs at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre, delivering multimedia and computer literacy outcomes for inmates, while simultaneously addressing criminological factors and recidivism through a culturally-based framework.

In 2021 Pirate focussed his skills on harnessing technology to overcome language and literacy barriers, to deliver activities facilitating narrative and the development of the stArts with D stories as part of Strong Feelings creative development process. This included the co-creation processes used to create digital stories using graphic design and animation techniques, using accessible tools such as iPads. His capacity to use an innovative combination of delivery platforms added new dimensions to what the artists have been able to create. Pirate is committed to access and inclusion and sees many synergies with his and Incites values and practice.

 in 2023, the digital works created in the workshop series with Pirate and the stArts with D Ensemble were exhibited as part of ‘Strong Feelings’, a multi- arts exhibition with Incite Arts. ‘Strong Feelings’ was the winner of the Project category for the Northern Territory Arts Access Awards for 2023.