The Alice Springs Mabuhay Multicultural Association

The Alice Springs Mabuhay Multicultural Association collaborated with Incite Arts on a short film as part of the 2020/2021Unbroken Land presentation titled The TInikling Dancers. The Tinikling dance is one of the most popular folk dances in the Philippines. Traditionally, as rice crops near harvest time and after rainfall, bamboo traps are constructed by farmers in the fields to protect the rice from the Tikling birds. The mesmerising dance imitates the Tikling birds, leaping and weaving to avoid the bamboo traps. It is truly special to see it danced in the red sand of Central Australia! 

The Alice Springs Filipino community has taken on the name Mabuhay to name their association. Membership of the Association extends beyond to Yulara, Tennant Creek, Renner’s Springs, Waite River Station and other areas around Alice Springs. The main goal of the association is to bring together Filipinos for social occasions, as well as to share heritage and traditions with the Alice Springs community.