Southern Ngaliya Dancers

Southern Ngaliya (SN) is a three-way collaboration between the Senior Warlpiri Women, Incite Arts and Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC). Based on trust relationships and responsiveness to direction from the senior women, the program builds a platform to collectively focus on achieving stronger links with traditional song and dance; creating new generations fluent in the ceremonial and cultural knowledge of their parents/grandparents; and strengthening Warlpiri culture.

The delivery of twice-yearly dance camps involves travelling to significant cultural sites and orientating the young women and girls within the knowledge and responsibilities inherent to the ceremonies of that country. The women sing songs connected to the country where the camp is held, while they paint each other and the younger women and girls, in preparation for the evening performance. The young women and girls also experience other cultural practices.

Other significant outcomes of the program include public performance opportunities and the documentation of stories, songs and dances.

SN encourages and supports Warlpiri women to undertake leadership roles, engage in a comprehensive and ongoing consultation process and work to meet needs directly expressed by Warlpiri women. Together these generations of women explore the traditional culture and the value of ensuring its survival.