Episode 14 – In Our Element

Midnight Feast are thrilled to be teaming with Incite Arts to bring Erica Halvorsen’s film ‘In Our Element’ to life. Reflecting on the theme of water, Erica was inspired to make a film that paid tribute to her father; master boat builder and five-time Sydney to Hobart winner, Trygve Halvorsen. ‘In Our Element’ is a celebration of one family’s kinship with the sea and a love letter to a father who believed his daughter could! “Dad was a seaman through and through…the kindest Dad I could ever have had.”

Erica Halvorsen is a proud member of Midnight Feast – theatre that unites; a bold initiative that enables artists who experience significant physical and intellectual challenges to participate in the performing arts. By celebrating ability rather than limitation, Midnight Feast prides itself on creating work that challenges assumptions and explores humanity in all its diversity.