Episode 18 – Water in Nepal

Nepal is a land rich in water resources due to the many Himalayan Glacier, rivers, lakes, and Monsoonal rain. Traditionally, brass, copper and clay pots were used to carry drinking water from beautifully carved stone taps, rivers and water holes.

As water has always been a central part of Nepalese livelihood and culture, their songs and folk dances use water as a metaphor for love and life.

The first song is associated with the purity and transparency of water as a metaphor for love. The second song in this film is about Monsoon rainfall and the plantation season. Everyone is happy, it is a ‘monsoon-happy dance’, bringing joy and relief to the farmers.

Performer Diva Pant was born in Australia. She has studied classical ballet for seven years. Diva is now studying piano, flute and singing. She is also enjoying learning traditional Nepalese dance and has performed a number of stage programs of Classical Ballet and traditional Nepalese dance.

Performer Mahek Adhikari has been learning traditional Nepalese folk dance and classical Indian dance for 3 years. Mahek has also performed in a number of stage programs of traditional Nepalese and Classical Indian dance.