Episode 19 – Ngapa

The Southern Ngaliya Dancers are from Yuendumu. This film about Ngapa Jukurrpa (water dreaming) was filmed during the performance of Unbroken Land 2018 at the Desert Park. The film also includes footage of Juka Juka, a water dreaming site on Warlpiri country. “We dance with white feathers in our armbands and headbands. There is a saying that if we dance with white feathers there will be rain today.” Enid Gallagher, Southern Ngaliya Dancers. Ngapa Jukurrpa comes from Walapanpa in the east and travels to a waterhole called Wanurlpuru. Then the water continues travelling to Walura where there is water all the time. From Walura it goes on to Juka Juka. At this site there are large rocks standing upright. These rocks are the clouds. Ngapa keeps travelling on to Mikanji. Lightning struck there. There is a tree there which is the lightning from the dreamtime. Lightning made waterholes along the way which are still there. Water dreaming travels onto Puyurru, where there is a soakage. From there Kirrkalanji (Falcon) grabbed and flew off with the bag of water on its head travelling west towards Lungkardajarra. Kirrkarlanji then flew to Jiwaranpa and Kamira. That’s where our Jukurrpa ends, and beyond it is the responsibility of other groups to tell the story. The Southern Ngaliya women are committed to build this cultural platform to achieve stronger links with traditional song and dance; create new generations fluent in ceremonial and cultural knowledge; maintain Warlpiri culture; and share the culture with others.