Episode 11 – Kwatye Waru

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, this Connect2Culture film shows the importance of water and fire in the desert and adds new dimensions to the already released self-titled episodes. Created by First Nations Disabled Artists Tiffany Malthouse and Lizzie Trew, in collaboration with Mentor Lauren Jones, the audience is invited to share the experience of how vital these elements are to Tiffany and Lizzie, their ancestors and their culture.

Connect2Culture is a professional development, mentoring and performance creation program tailor made for Tiffany and Lizzie to explore dance, movement, language, song, art, cultural knowledge, stories, families and connections. The program is based on goals and ideas that both women have, in terms of art, dance, culture and employment.

The program is designed to support Tiffany and Lizzie to grow in their knowledge and understanding, delve into new collaborative processes and discuss their aspirations. They have explored their creative potential and built pathways towards professional practice which they are carrying out.