SPRUNG Youth Dance

A contemporary dance program that provided opportunities for young local dancers to explore, develop, create and communicate through self-devised dance experiences.
Two people hold a cardboard sign that reads ‘dance carwash this way’ with an arrow pointing to the left. They are standing in front of petrol station, the sky is blue and the sun is bright. One person is wearing sunglasses.

For over a decade, Incite Arts fostered the development of grassroots programs through partnerships with schools, youth sector organisations, dance groups and individual artists, to provide inclusive opportunities to engage young people in dance activities. 

The SPRUNG Youth Dance project began in 2012 as an initiative of Incite, Dusty Feet Dance Collective and Artistic Director Miriam Nicholls. The project was based on the belief that young people are artists in their own right, with the potential to express and communicate complex ideas and issues through the body in the form of dance. The aim of the group was to extend beyond dance training, into the development of creative and collaborative work and went on to create site-specific works: Graffiti – Make Your Mark and Living on The Line to great community acclaim. 


On the experience of the 2013 production ‘Living on the Line’

“I was amazed that it all came together. It was a real challenge to have no offstage and having to perform all the time. It was great learning about and being a part of a really different, non-linear way of creating dance. My dad loved it and he usually hates art!”

Evie Oster


On the 2012 production ‘Graffiti – Make Your Mark’

“I do look forward to seeing the future develop for SPRUNG, great solid foundations to build a truly unique and creative company with strong artistic leadership and the drive and enthusiasm of young people. And a very strong and unique first show to display the evident talent of young dancers in Alice Springs. Great use of the site. I think site specific works are a great direction for SPRUNG to keep heading down to keep it relevant to Alice Springs.”

Joe Pickett

Alice Desert Festival Manager 2012–13